7 Tips On How To Prepare Your Kid For High School

7 Tips On How To Prepare Your Kid For High School

When you think back to high school and remember your very first day or week, the memories can be a little daunting. Although it’s such an exciting time and a huge milestone for our kids, it’s also an uncertain time where they leave the safety and comfort of their middle school peers, teachers, and classes and move into the more adult world of high school.

As a parent of a soon to be highschooler, it can be even more daunting. You might worry about your child not fitting in or struggling to keep up with the fast pace of high school, and in your worry, you could stress your child out, too. We’re here to show you some simple tips that will give your child the smooth transition they need into high school and help ease your worries as well.

Tip #1: Learn About Your Child’s School

As the parent, you should be doing everything you can to learn about their high school, as this might not be an area that’s particularly interesting to kids. Do your research and find out about some of the teachers, the classes, what the classrooms are like, what facilities they have, extracurricular activities, and any other information you can get.

Parents With Child Looking At Monitor

Having this information on hand means you’ll be able to help your child out if they become lost, need to ask someone for help, or want any general information about the school. It also helps you to be prepared for the type of school they’ll be attending.

Tip #2: Prepare Them With Tutoring

One of the hardest things to witness as a parent is your child struggling when they reach high school and everything changes for them. Classes can become increasingly more difficult and with less input from the teacher, it’s easy for them to quickly feel as though they’re struggling.

Before your child heads off to high school, consider investing in a personal tutor that can help prepare them for the type of work they might experience once there. One of the best ways to guarantee how to get good grades in high school is by being prepared before you even begin, and tutoring is the ideal way to do this.

Tip #3: Attend Parent Teacher Conferences

This is a great tip for before they start high school and once they’re there, as your child’s teachers are the best insight into how your child is doing.

Being present and interested in your child’s education means you’ll be in the best position to help them succeed and if you’re looking for how to motivate your teenager to do better in school you need to understand exactly what it is they’re learning and how they are behaving.

Tip #4: Be A Positive Force

Even if you’re feeling worried about your child starting high school and how they might deal with the transition, you can’t let this show to them. Rather than looking at the experience as a scary one, try to be a positive force that they need.

Parents Waving Daughter Goodbye

Speak with enthusiasm about high school, without being over the top, and they might pick up on your enthusiasm and start to get excited as well. When they can’t be enthusiastic about the process you’ll be there too, and eventually, they will see that there was nothing to be worried about when it comes to high school.

Tip #5: Visit The School With Them After Hours

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a teenager than roaming the halls of their new high school with a parent, so choose your timing carefully. If you can, organize a trip to the high school after hours, on the weekend, or during the holiday period so that you can spend the time walking the grounds and learning where everything is.

When your child has a better idea of how the school is laid out they’ll be less likely to feel nervous on their first day and be able to find classes with ease. They might even be able to help a fellow new student out and show them around, which will be a huge boost of confidence for them.

Tip #6: Find Them A School Buddy

Sometimes our children are lucky enough to be starting high school with friends they already know from middle school, but other times it might not be that simple.

If your child is starting school and feels like they might be a stranger, make an effort to reach out to other parents to see if their children might be in the same position. Don’t force your child to make friends, but rather leave the process up to them so they feel that they have some control over who they might like to hang out with.

Tip #7: Let Them Handle Things On Their Own

As parents, it can be hard for us to take a step back sometimes and let our children be the independent beings we hope they will be. As they enter into high school this marks an important time for their development and a stage in life where they begin to take more responsibility for themselves.

Boy Sitting On High School Floor

One of the most important things we can do is give our child the space they need to develop and learn how to do things on their own. Things like goal setting or time management for teenager are skills they have to learn to do and if we give them the tools to do it and allow them to figure it out themselves, they’ll be in the best possible position to succeed.