How And Where To Find The Perfect Tutor

How And Where To Find The Perfect Tutor

Knowledge is the greatest gift that we can have in life, and when we learn something new and carry it with us for life it can be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Traditional forms of education like schools and colleges are usually the best place to do our learning, however, sometimes there may be the need to take this education even further.

Tutoring is a great way for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn more efficiently, brush up skills they may feel unsure about, and get the help they’re having trouble understanding something that is being taught. Many Americans today get tutored on a whole range of subjects which in turn makes them a better student overall.

Child With Learning Difficulties

Traditional tutoring methods have somewhat changed since the early years and there are now more options than ever to find the perfect tutor to suit you and your learning style. As we all learn in different ways and have our own interests, it’s essential to find a tutor that will allow you to learn to the best of your ability in a comfortable and confidential setting.

Finding a tutor can be the hardest part of the process as it’s key to have someone that or your child connect with and understand. The tutor and student relationship is an important one, though, and can offer a supplemental education to some of the most important learning years of our lives.

What Is Tutoring?

The most basic definition of a tutor is someone who teaches instruction privately, and this is usually done within the home. In the American sense, a tutor can either teach you at home or within a school setting depending on your preference, however, modern times have seen somewhat of a change in this area.

A shadow or supplement education is that is which is taught in conjunction with a school curriculum but offered outside of the mainstream education system. This differs somewhat to a tutor who usually focuses on just one subject and aims to help their student understand it better so that they can continue to do well in their schooling.

Although a tutor is there to help you learn, they also take a lot of direction from the child about what they’re currently learning and what areas they might be struggling with. For this reason, it’s best to have all of your relevant books and curriculum notes on hand for when you speak to a tutor about your child’s needs.

What To Expect In A Tutoring Session

If you’ve never been in a tutoring session before and are planning on having one or you have booked your child in for their own, you might be a little unsure about what happens during your time with them.

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The purpose of a tutor is to help you help yourself, so don’t expect that they’ll be giving you all of the answers while you sit back and listen. Here are some things you can expect in a standard session of tutoring when you see someone at home.

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    A tutor will require you to bring all of your academic equipment along, so ensure your child has their school books and any other notes
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    If you have previous assignments or tests that there are records of, bring these to your session so a tutor can see what you have submitted in the past
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    A tutor may provide you with extra problems or questions that are related to what you’ve learned in order to test your knowledge
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    They can go over what’s been taught already so you fully understand it, and review the lessons as needed until you have a clear understanding of what was taught

The Different Types Of Tutoring

In the world of tutoring, the definition is quite simple but it can extend to reach a number of settings. There are two main types of tutoring to be concerned with and those are home tutoring and online tutoring.

The internet has brought with it many changes to the way we learn, and tutoring was one area that certainly improved for the better because of it. With these two ways now on offer, students are able to choose which area works best for them so that they can learn to the best of their ability and in comfort.

Home tutoring is the act of someone coming to your home or meeting elsewhere to do a one on one session of tutoring. They usually teach just one subject and use the class notes or curriculum being studied so that it follows it more closely. A tutor will go through a number of methods in order to teach such as tutorials, quizzes, diagrams, and readings.

Online tutoring still relies on the same basic principles of the home sessions but instead, the learner takes part from their computer. There may be pre-recorded tutorials and videos, and in some cases, you may be speaking with a tutor through a camera on your computer just as if you were having an in-person conversation. This setting might be ideal for someone who has trouble leaving the house or who can’t find a suitable tutor in their local area.

What Areas People Might Need Tutoring In

The world of education is quite vast, and we are learning new topics each day, but in terms of tutoring, there are some specific subjects that seem quite popular. These topics are generally covered in elementary, middle and high school teachings where children might find it hard to retain or learn information in a school setting and so a tutor is the best solution.

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Math Tutoring

At all ages, math can present a challenge due to the complex nature of the subject. Math tutoring is one of the more common subjects for a tutor to teach but one that can be easily picked up with some extra explanation. As math is used so much in life and in other subjects, it’s essential to get help straight away if you think there might be a problem.

Science Tutoring

When children move to middle school and eventually high school, science becomes even more complicated for them to learn. Science tutoring can help students out with biology, chemistry, and more to make the concepts easier to understand.

Language/Literature Tutoring

Language and literature can be useful for so many people to learn and tutoring for these subjects is commonly seen in all ages. A language or literature tutor might cover such subjects as reading, writing, spelling and grammar, literature history, and more.

Computer Science Tutoring

We now rely more on computer science than ever before, and this is an area with many facets for tutors to explore. Computer science tutoring might be for subjects like coding or web design but can also cover general knowledge about how to use computers and the internet.

Topics covered in high school and middle school are usually quite easy to find a tutor for, as these seem to be across the board in all public school systems. However, if you think that your child needs help on a more specific subject, a quick search will likely lead you to recommendations about a tutor who could be of assistance.

When Might You Want Tutoring

There’s a common misconception about tutoring being just for high school students, but there are actually people of all ages who can benefit from finding the perfect tutor. Here are some common times in life when a tutor might be beneficial for advancing your education.

Middle School Tutoring

Middle school is one of the most important times in a child’s development, with so many things changing about themselves and the classroom that they’re used to.

Middle School Tutoring

This is the first time when they’re introduced to more complex subjects and also when they’re required to do their own work with less teacher input. Many parents might choose to have their child work with a tutor at the end of middle school to better ready them for high school.

High School Tutoring

When students reach high school, the subjects that they once knew now become more complex and they may be introduced to new topics like calculus and chemistry.

High school tutoring might be most beneficial when they first make the transition and are learning the new subjects, however, it can be used through all stages of this secondary teaching where tutoring might help.

Pre College Tutoring

Before entering college, some students might feel the need to brush up on skills or become more knowledgeable in an area that they are confused about. Some students may attend pre-college to prepare them for secondary education and a tutor can be useful in helping them fill the gaps where they might feel unsure.

College Tutoring

There’s nothing that says an adult can’t benefit from tutoring, and college tutoring is more common than you might think. Most colleges and universities offer some form of free tutoring services in a library or shared area, depending on the course and subjects you’re studying.

Some parents might find it easy to know when their child needs a tutor as there will be obvious signs such as slipping grades or an admission from them that they don’t understand something being taught. Other times, though, it might be harder to get the information and so you need to understand the signs that a child might need tutoring.

The Statistics Of Tutoring In The US

As a country, America doesn’t seem to stack up as well as it should against other developed countries when it comes to education. In math and science, our children seem well behind, even though we have an adequate number of public schools and systems in place.

These poor numbers are a good explanation for the high number of tutored students in our country and why it continues to rise.

Illustration Of Tutoring Statistics

It’s believed that the average American household spends 2{8022d138a77272f6f8c0c14ee47e49189c4468858da3e3f512c6f95ba69e0ebf} of their income on supplemental education for their children which might sound impressive until you compare it with children of Asian households whose families spend 15{8022d138a77272f6f8c0c14ee47e49189c4468858da3e3f512c6f95ba69e0ebf} of their incomes on private tutors. 

Either way, it’s clear that both countries understand the importance of equipping their children which much more than the public education system can offer.

The average cost of a tutor in the United States can start from $30 and reach anywhere up to $100 an hour, and sometimes even beyond. There are varying degrees of tutors that you can choose from based on their experience, locality and specialties, so you can expect the figure to vary quite significantly also.

The good news is that tutoring doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and in fact the opposite is true. Research indicated that by the year 2018 the private sector of tutoring would be worth over $102.8 billion, and this number doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The cause of this continual rise in tutoring popularity can be attributed to a lacking education system that doesn’t seem to cater to the student as an individual anymore, however there are other reasons, too.

Where Can You Find Your Local Tutor?

Finding the perfect tutor to suit your child can be like searching for a needle in a haystack if you’re unsure where to get started. Depending on the type of tutoring you want and what you think your child would most benefit from, there are some options for where you can begin your search.

For those parents who think their child would do best with one on one tutoring at home, look at local places for advice. Ask around to other parents if they can recommend someone or do a search online for quality tutors in your area.

It’s important to do a background check and speak with any references before you go ahead, as you want to be sure they’re everything they claim to be.

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If you’re considering the online tutor route, the best place to search is exactly there, online. There are many reputable companies who can help you find a tutor and match your child’s needs to where their tutors are most skilled.

Again, you should only put your trust in companies that look reputable and have good feedback available, so don’t acquire the services of just any old online service.

Regardless of which you choose for your child, you can be sure that you’re doing something that will help them through the rest of their lives and into their careers.

Some parents might even find that after working with a tutor they find that their child might benefit more from another style of learning, and so they decide to try out another method to see if that works instead.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Tutor

When you’ve found a tutor that you’re sure is the right fit for your child, you might want to do a dance in celebration. However, before their very first session, there are some questions you should be asking a potential tutor that will let you know for sure that it will work.

  • What are the methods you use to teach your students and where have you found success with this?
  • What is your background in (the specialty your child is learning) and how much experience do you have in tutoring other children?
  • What is your initial plan for teaching my child?
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    Why do you tutor?
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    How can you help my child to become more of an independent leader and what skills will he/she be able to take back to the classroom?

A Helping Hand For Lifelong Results

As parents, we only want the very best for our children and when we feel that they might be struggling at school, no matter the age or level, we want to do all we can to help them. Tutors have been a tradition in this country for many years, and it appears that they have never been more beneficial than they are today.

Female Tutor And Student

Our children are entering a highly competitive global market once they graduate from high school and it’s imperative that they’re equipped with the best education possible. Where our school system fails them, we have to be at the ready with the perfect tutor to help them get to where they need to be and possibly even to exceed past that point.

With such an importance placed on education, now and in the future, knowing where to find the perfect tutor for your child has never been more crucial.

Whether you decide to go the local route and find a qualified tutor in your area or search online for a more modern approach, there’s no doubt that you’re making a smart investment in your child that will pay off for the rest of their lives.